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And the Photomap lets you submit photos of infrastructure problems or good practice around the UK.
Such a survey is usually performed with the use of the intersection method or the single image method in cases where only a photomap (two-dimensional, e.g.
Perhaps the most interesting one is Appendix 2, Sample Topographic and Special Maps, which includes topographic maps and city plans in various scales, geographic survey maps, an aeronautical chart, a marine chart, a terrain variation map, a geodetic data map, a river segment map, a mountain pass and passage map, a water source map, an aerial photograph with coordinate grid, a photomontage, a photographic plan and a photomap. The issue with complete comprehension of course is the fact that all notations are in Russian with no transliteration or translation provided.
Runner-up: PhotoMap (Germany) - This application digitizes and stores a photograph of any fixed public map taken with a camera phone for easy access, browsing and geo-referencing on the mobile device.
A thermal photomap was produced, providing an instant snapshot of hot spots by colour coding temperature ranges.
In the PhotoMap 3-D profilometer from Fogale nanotech, white-light interferometry is used together with very accurate Z-axis displacement to provide 0.1-nm height resolution over a 500-[micro]m range.
Point data were loaded into a Geographic Information System (GIS, Arc View, ESRI Corporation 1999), where they were overlaid on a Digital Ortho Quarter Quadrangle photographic map (US Geological Survey 1998); and a habitat map that was digitized from the photomap and ground-checked to include recent habitat changes.
Geological photomap of Israel and adjacent areas, scale 1:750000.