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Noun1.picnic area - a tract of land set aside for picnickingpicnic area - a tract of land set aside for picnicking
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This will allow us to present more show gardens than ever before as well as provide a picnic area."
There is a picnic area and refreshments so the whole family can come and enjoy the day.
Alan Rayson, the group's blogger, said: "The volunteers worked alongside our local ranger, Jonathan, to recycle the feature set behind the picnic area on the path below the woodland centre.
As part of the work, recreation facilities and the picnic area around the site will be closed for safety reasons.
VOLUNTEERS are teaming up with a community arts group to clean up a popular picnic area in Solihull.
There will be a children's play area, a terraced amphitheatre, a picnic area and a footpath with lighting.
The new designs incorporate vastly improved access, egress and circulation; spacious seating; field views; new restaurants, suites, clubs and; family-friendly attractions that will include an outfield picnic area adjacent to the batter's eye.
The area is a popular games and picnic area during the summer months.
The Sun printed more pictures of the Caerphilly AM, which it says were taken at a picnic area near Bath, Somerset, on Monday, renowned as a spot where gay men go cruising for sex.
It has been built on the site of the former indoor picnic area next to the Tropical Realm.