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Noun1.picnic ground - a tract of land set aside for picnickingpicnic ground - a tract of land set aside for picnicking
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As the time passed, I worked as boy-helper on an ice-wagon, set up pins in a bowling alley with a saloon attached, and swept out saloons at Sunday picnic grounds.
These days the mosque is less a place of worship and more of a picnic ground. Hordes of tourists and picnickers descend on it on weekends, and leave behind mounds of trash.
At the park, once a picnic ground for the old families of Manila, is home to many things that tell so much about Philippine history and culture, such as Kilometer Zero right between the Rizal Monument, from which Jose Rizal looks out dreamily on the horizon, and the Memorial Clock.
The Woodland Group took over management in 2014 and have since restored 1000 metres of paths, improved the picnic ground and earlier this year completed a new bridge which spans a burn and replaces a walkway which was in poor condition.
Big data is a libertarians philosophical picnic ground.
End-of-the-world aesthetics aside, the old plaza makes for a perfect picnic ground.
The picnic ground next to the beach is also empty now, but that's because families are mixing it up at the fast-food joint.
Derwentside District Council and Durham Police were in dispute over the cancellation of Allensford Show, on a picnic ground just off the A68 near Consett, County Durham.
Dozens of officers were yesterday searching the area around the wrecked van and a picnic ground where it was first spotted.
The 20-acre plot at Essington is expected to be used by families and their children as a play area and picnic ground following Peter Vernon's gift.
In earlier days the Dutch used the island (then called Oyster Island) as a picnic ground; later it was called Gibbet Island after the pirate Anderson was hanged there in 1765.
Half an hour before the Pampanga skyline lighted up with astounding colors, the place was already packed with an excited crowd and was turned into one big picnic ground. People were coming in pairs as couples, or in huge groups of families and friends, proving that the PIPC is indeed a fireworks spectacle for all ages, classes and bunches.