(pē-ā′zō-rĭ-zĭs′təns, pī-ē′zō-)
Electrical resistance of a substance that varies as a function of mechanical stress on that substance

pi·e′zo·re·sis′tive adj.
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This leads to a drift of magnetic sensitivity versus mechanical stress, which is caused by piezoresistance and not by piezo-Hall effect.
Neither piezoresistance nor piezoimpedance would lead to a less hysteretic response due its quantum resistive component that makes exponential relations appear.
[19] investigated piezoresistance of CNTs on deformable thin-film silicon nitride membranes.
Yang, "Giant piezoresistance effect in silicon nanowires," Nature Nanotechnology, vol.
is the stress component, and the term [[pi].sub.ij] is the component of the piezoresistance tensor.
Piezoresistance is a passive phenomenon that can be used for sensing of load/pressure through variations in a material's electrical resistance.
This paper deals with the design of pressure sensor with piezoresistance as the sensing element.
Capacitance, Piezoresistance, piezoelectric and resonance frequency are among the sensing principles depending upon the mechanical properties of the devices.
Working by the principle of piezoresistance, the Tactilus system is a matrix-based tactile surface sensor--essentially an "electronic skin" that can record and interpret pressure distribution and magnitude, and assimilate the collected data into a Windows[R]-based tool kit.The company says the system also boasts of:
Jim Davidson, a researcher at Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn., has developed a microelectro-mechanical pressure sensor based on diamond's piezoresistance effect.
By detecting the change in piezoresistance arising from the stress in the beam, one can construct a miniature accelerometer; such devices are used to trigger air bags and seat belt tensioners in automobiles.