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With this collection of valuables, Monsieur Le Quoi had stepped behind a counter, and, with a wonderful pliability of temperament, had dropped into his assumed character as gracefully as he had ever moved in any other.
Her expression--bright, frank, and intelligent--appeared, while she was silent, to be altogether wanting in those feminine attractions of gentleness and pliability, without which the beauty of the handsomest woman alive is beauty incomplete.
Fairfax had begged a holiday for Adele, because she had a cold; and, as Adele seconded the request with an ardour that reminded me how precious occasional holidays had been to me in my own childhood, I accorded it, deeming that I did well in showing pliability on the point.
The whole account appears to me a curious instance of the pliability of the affections in the dog; and yet, whether wild or however educated, he has a feeling of respect or fear for those that are fulfilling their instinct of association.
He had, however, a happy mixture of pliability and perseverance in his nature; he was in form and spirit like a supple-jackÄyielding, but tough; though he bent, he never broke; and though he bowed beneath the slightest pressure, yet, the moment it was away--jerk!--he was as erect, and carried his head as high as ever.
Merridew proved to be all pliability and indulgence, after the truly considerate manner in which the explosion had conducted itself; and Betteredge was accordingly informed that we were all four to travel back together by the morning train.
Yet since ending his Presidential term in late 2017 Mr Atambayev has sought to continue to play a central role in Kyrgyz politics, gambling on the pliability of his nominated successor Mr Jeenbekov.
These impressive statistics can be accredited to their pliability to heat shrinking, and high clarity.
Pakistan must understand that if they are pushed more than their pliability for accepting US demands, they may even reject the Pakistani efforts which may give rise to differing relationship between Taliban and Pakistan, which has not happened until now.
There's definitely the old microwave a stack in a damp paper or dish towel, but more and more I'm coming around to the skillet, which has the benefit of improving pliability and flavor.
Lavrov underlined that politeness and pliability "are two different notions", adding, "You should always be polite, and we are polite people."
Scar assessment was performed using the modified Vancouver Scar Scale (MVSS) by assessing scar pigmentation (0: normal color, 1: hypo-pigmentation, 2: hyper-pigmentation), vascularity (0: normal color, 1: pink, 2: pink to red, 3: red, 4: red to purple, 5: purple), pliability (0: normal, 1: supple, 2: yielding, 3: firm, 4: banding-rope tissue, 5: contracture), and height (0: normal/flat, 1: 5 mm).14 A linear probe ultrasound (General Electric Voluson730 Pro Ultrasound, 5-17MHz, USA) was used to precisely measure scar thickness.