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adj. plum·i·er, plum·i·est
1. Consisting of or covered with feathers.
2. Resembling a feather or plume.
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adj, plumier or plumiest
1. plumelike; feathery
2. consisting of, covered with, or adorned with feathers
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(ˈplu mi)

adj. plum•i•er, plum•i•est.
1. having plumes or feathers.
2. adorned with a plume or plumes: a plumy helmet.
3. resembling a plume; feathery.
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Adj.1.plumy - resembling a plume; "the dog's plumy tail"
feathered - having or covered with feathers; "our feathered friends"
2.plumy - having or covered with or abounding in plumes; "the plumed serpent"; "white-plumed egrets"
feathered - having or covered with feathers; "our feathered friends"
3.plumy - adorned with feathers or plumes
adorned, decorated - provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction
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And the mill with its booming; the great chestnut-tree under which they played at houses; their own little river, the Ripple, where the banks seemed like home, and Tom was always seeing the water-rats, while Maggie gathered the purple plumy tops of the reeds, which she forgot and dropped afterward; above all, the great Floss, along which they wandered with a sense of travel, to see the rushing spring-tide, the awful Eagle, come up like a hungry monster, or to see the Great Ash which had once wailed and groaned like a man, these things would always be just the same to them.
A lace handkerchief, a plumy fan, and a bouquet in a shoulder holder finished her off, and Miss Belle surveyed her with the satisfaction of a little girl with a newly dressed doll.
Flambeau, who was a friend of Angus, received him in a rococo artistic den behind his office, of which the ornaments were sabres, harquebuses, Eastern curiosities, flasks of Italian wine, savage cooking-pots, a plumy Persian cat, and a small dusty-looking Roman Catholic priest, who looked particularly out of place.
They dispersed about the room, reminding me, by the lightness and buoyancy of their movements, of a flock of white plumy birds.
One night he lapped his new milk as usual at Uncle Roger's dairy door and then sat blandly on the flat stone before it, giving the world assurance of a cat, sleek sides glistening, plumy tail gracefully folded around his paws, brilliant eyes watching the stir and flicker of bare willow boughs in the twilight air above him.
Plumy Akimbo; a Nigerian won in 2017 and we have Camilla Jihad; another Nigerian as the reigning queen.
The clever cucumber creation not only looked novel but the plumy, spring onion and sesame seed topping made the red, often fatty, meat much more wholesome.
The long plumy tufts of golden orange feathers spring from the sides beneath each wing, and when the bird is in repose are partly concealed by them.
I distinguished one from the other by the shapes of their wings--the fairies' wings were always of the butterfly type, while angels' had the shape and plumage of birds.' The smiling, sweeping, plumy presence of angels was suggested constantly to me--if I were to turn round quickly enough I might surprise my own Guardian behind me.
"We at the hospital here are controlling malnourishment, which occurred to children under 6-59 months with an initiative of giving plumy and milk to the children," he said.
Prices vary from BD30 to BD240 and can go up to BD1,600 for some specialty items.Keeping simplicity, harmony and protection in mind, Virginie's latest designs entwine intricate golden webs, plumy golden feathers and twinkling diamonds to hopefully pass on blissful dreams to the wearer.The 'Sparkling Dreamcatcher' necklace, for example, features a web of rose gold with a single diamond.
* Right accessories: A pair of calf hair ankle boots in a plumy hue is must have.