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Noun1.pocket lighter - a lighter for cigars or cigarettespocket lighter - a lighter for cigars or cigarettes  
igniter, ignitor, lighter, light - a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires; "do you have a light?"
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A 3-night stay in Abu Dhabi's Park Inn by Radisson starts at Dh659 and Yas Island Rotana could make your pocket lighter by Dh729.
Frenzied excursions to every sale in town had made my pocket lighter and the home a museum of sorts.
Another great story is Mario Guevara, CEO of BIC, a Latino leading this fantastic and iconic pen company who invented the rollerball pen and the pocket lighter. A great interview, conducted in Mexico City in one of his visits to North America.
Hydrocarbon gas has the ability to replace fossil fuels and thus it can have a number of applications in our energy deficient country such as, the greatest amounts of hydrocarbons are used as fuel for combustion, particularly in heating applications; it can power generators so the shortage of electricity can also be met; hydrocarbon gas may be burned directly in gas engines; it is also a readily available fuel, familiar to everyone in the form of the pocket lighter; this gas is used for artificial ripening of fruit; it makes poisonous mustard gas that is used as war gas; lower alkenes are used as illuminants; they are used for producing lamp black.
While a simple Mutton Masala may cost SR45, Mutton Achari Handi can make your pocket lighter by SR90.
Clearly, supermarkets are currently losing the battle for share in both the pocket lighter and multipurpose lighter segments of the category.
Convoy awards were handed out, and then Terry was presented with a 92-year-old pocket lighter by one of the convoy team members from France.
The Zippo Manufacturing Company has taken flame to a new level with its BLU butane pocket lighter, which delivers a hot, consistent, clean-burning blue flame, unlike the traditional windproof lighter that sports a yellow flame fueled by liquid lighter fluid.
In an amusing play on designs, Dunhill also manufactured a silver plate table lighter called the Giant Unique which was identical in shape to a pocket lighter,but about 10 times bigger.
Which A-mazing lamp will leave your pocket lighter?
Which A-mazing lamp will leave your pocket lighter? MORE: Marquee letter A, [euro]312, GoodwinandGoodwin.com LESS: A Light, [euro]35, George Home at Asda Direct Our Homes Special editor Jenny loves...
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