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Adj.1.pointy-toed - having a pointed toe; "pointy-toed shoes"
toed - having a toe or toes of a specified kind; often used in combination; "long-toed; "five-toed"
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Hale, who is famous for her roles in the 2008 series "Privileged" and the seven seasons of "Pretty Little Liars," wore a pair of clear pointy-toed heels with black-strap detailing, called the Dassy PVC pumps.
The 44-year-old accessorised the look with a tan cashmere shawl, tortoise Louis Vuitton Paris Texas Sunglasses, and a pair of pointy-toed tan leather pumps.
She accessorized with black pointy-toed flat shoes, a large black purse and dark sunglasses.
* Try a fun, pointy-toed pump with a simple camisole and pair of jeans.
CROPPED CULOTTES & STILETTOS A SMART but casual look as they rock stylish culottes contrasting with figurehugging tops and pointy-toed high heels.
In Grade 4, the 'smart' kids were all wearing pointy-toed Beatle boots with their short pants.
These pointy-toed unisex boots deliver a wallop of ass-kicking style.
She looked like a nun in her black robes and wimple - but as she came nearer, Wesley could see she had pointy-toed shoes, and looked rather medieval.
If you wear it with pointy-toed pumps or a 3-inch heel, it's more professional, polished, ready for a meeting.
Kurt Geiger London -- Autumn Winter 2013 is all about Kurt Geiger London pointy-toed 'Court Collection', 'Everything but the dress' line of accessories and Kurt Geiger's signature stilettos.
Every female wears pointy-toed shoes with heels of various heights on her impossibly tiny feet, the males have animal heads and many bodies are perforated, with one hacked into segments.