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Noun1.political relation - social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or powerpolitical relation - social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power; "office politics is often counterproductive"
social relation - a relation between living organisms (especially between people)
wilderness - (politics) a state of disfavor; "he led the Democratic party back from the wilderness"
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His conduct toward Milady bore a strong resemblance to treachery, and he was very suspicious of the political relations which existed between that woman and the cardinal.
So, also, were her ideas with regard to most matters of practical life,--such as housekeeping in all its branches, and the various political relations of her native village.
Iran and Guinea Conakry parliamentary and political relation is at a very good level, Zarif said.
It reveals that there is a certain relationship between political relation strategy and political performance among different ownership's firms and in different periods.
During his three-day visit, the Iranian president met with the high-ranking officials of Benin, Ghana and Niger, and signed new cooperation pacts in a bid to expand economic and political relations with the three African states.
The collocutors said that the political relations between BiH and France were very good but that efforts should be made to raise them to an even higher level and to improve them in all fields.
I wish the meeting to contribute to commercial and political relations between Turkey and Georgia," Yilmaz added.
They agreed that political relations between the two countries are on a very high level, especially between parliaments of the two countries, and it is especially recognized through mutual support in international associations, such as within South East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP).
He called on Ankara to avoid interfering in Iraq's domestic affairs, and rather interact with Baghdad to expand and consolidate its bilateral economic and political relations.
Bigali also said political relations between Turkey and Algeria were at an excellent level, adding that the friendship and brotherhood had roots deep in history.
"In the past three decades that Iran-Egypt political relations were not at a suitable level, the private sectors of both countries had good trade relations.

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