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Noun1.political sphere - a sphere of intense political activity
arena, domain, sphere, orbit, area, field - a particular environment or walk of life; "his social sphere is limited"; "it was a closed area of employment"; "he's out of my orbit"
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Luppicini and Baarda present readers with a collection of academic and professional contributions focused on the latest trends and methods utilizing emerging information and communication technologies in the engagement of citizens in the political sphere throughout the world.
Manama: The political sphere should be out of bounds to religious preachers, Bahrain's lawmakers have said.
Parliament member and former candidate for the parliamentary speaker position Kamal Ahmed announced his resignation Tuesday from the newly elected parliament, citing health issues as the reason for his exit from the political sphere.
The Central Bank of Cyprus staff were holding a one-hour strike on Thursday as a show of dissatisfaction over the negative climate caused by the rift between the CBC and the political sphere.
"The problems in political sphere, commercial and economic cooperation were analyzed during the talks.
This captured for me the two most important historical developments that we can identify at the end of the third year of the Arab transformations: first, the rise of Arab citizens who feel they have socio-economic and political rights and are prepared to speak out, mobilize and take action to achieve those rights; and, second, the birth of a public political sphere in which citizens can express themselves and compete peacefully for the exercise of power.
The research also revealed that people who are not able to have an active role in the political sphere in a traditional sense want to be involved somehow and that they feel more courageous expressing their thoughts online.
He explores the idea in more detail in chapters concerned with overburdened intelligence or the challenge of managing an excess of possibilities in the political sphere; the collective organization of uncertainty as the most important political task; the cognitive challenge of the economy (which he believes the recent financial crisis to epitomize) and the need for an economy for an incalculable world; and the replacement of traditional education ideals with the ideal of creativity, defined as the ability to modify expectations when they are contradicted by reality.
closely cooperating in trade and economic as well as military and political sphere.
The previous day, during the debate in plenary, representatives of the five EP groups (ECR, S&D, EPP, Greens-EFA and ALDE) who drafted the proposal criticised the EU for its lack of commitment in the political sphere in Syria.
"The IRGC guards the society's political values but in general terms, that is those political values which pertain to the Revolution, the IRGC steps into the political sphere when the policies of foreign and internal actors threaten the Revolution in general," he stated.
The increased role of the Salafists in the political sphere since former President Hosni Mubarak stepped down from power on February 11 has incited concern among Christians and liberals in the country.