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Showing sound or pragmatic judgment; prudent; judicious: found it politic not to mention his youthful indiscretions.

[Middle English politik, from Old French politique, from Latin polīticus, political, from Greek polītikos, from polītēs, citizen, from polis, city; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]

pol′i·tic·ly adv.
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The structure of both the speech and the method itself is framed by this optimism: "Thus have I politicly begun my reign, / And 'tis my hope to end successfully"(4.1.177-79.) Petruchios Macchiavellian invocation of politics melds easily with the kinds of techne the speech inventories: manipulating love and hate in an instrumental (and terminable) game of policy.
I can only suspect its some namby pamby politicly correct snowflake who gave it the thumbs down.