port arms

port′ arms′

a position in military drill in which one's rifle is held diagonally in front of the body, with the muzzle pointing upward to the left.
[1795–1805; n. use of the command port arms!; see port5]
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Behind him was a growing number of Marines standing with their rifles at port arms as if they had been waiting longer than China's Terracotta Army.
If you have done this correctly, your target should look like a man holding a weapon at "Port Arms." Here are some additional tips for your DIY thermal targets:
We're groggy, Major Farr On the ball to study hall, file every damn AR, Had no short arms, had no port arms, learning JAG techniques, On our chassis, in your classes, seventeen long weeks.
For the test I decided to start with the gun at port arms and trigger the PACT Club Timer III.
When the inspecting officer stepped in front of you, you came to port arms, slammed open the M1 bolt, stayed at port arms and released the rifle as soon as the inspector touched it.
He will issue a warning if anyone attempts to enter the restricted area around the tomb, but first will halt and bring his rifle to port arms.
With his rifle at port arms, he moved an inch at a time.
By this time I was holding my cane in my hand and had brought it to "port arms" with the tapered end in my left hand, and I was putting pressure on the length of the cane with my right hand.
No sooner does the book hit the lectern than a phalanx of ushers, who have been moving into position all during the gospel, comes marching down the aisles, holding their long-handled baskets at port arms like a firing squad on their way to a necktie party.
When you work the action holding the gun at port arms, the action locks to the rear and I have to use a mallet to loosen it.
We double-timed to all the training sites carrying our M14s at port arms. Our weapon became our best friend.
Additional topics included speed and tactical loading of both pump and semi-auto guns, ammo changeover techniques (in the event a specialty round is needed), shooting from both low and high ready (port arms) positions, multiple target engagement and shooting on the move.

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