protective embankment

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Noun1.protective embankment - a steep artificial slope in front of a fortification
fortification, munition - defensive structure consisting of walls or mounds built around a stronghold to strengthen it
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Commissioner Hyderabad range was on a day visit of district, visited LS-Larakana Sehwan embankment, FP- Flood Protective embankment and Teer Bhit of Nai Gaaj Nullah to take advance measurements for controlling emergency of rains in moon soon season and predicted floods.
Two flank the flock, two head for the middle, driving the ewes and lambs through 8ft-deep channels and over a protective embankment. The whole process takes 15 minutes.
It concluded that the leak happened as a result of a spillage three days earlier which had not been cleaned up and had seeped through cracks in the protective embankment.
After the tsunami that swept main part of Hiro village in 1854, Gihei Hamaguchi sponsored village people for construction of a protective embankment 5m high and 20m wide at the base.
They decided, therefore, to build a protective embankment, along which ran a street that bordered their not-too-friendly neighbors.
BHITSHAH -- CIA Police Matiari conducted a raid on a tip-off near MS protective embankment and managed to arrest two motorcycle snatchers namely Achar Machhi and Ali Gul Machhi after meeting with encounter on Monday.
HAFIZABAD -- President Kisan Board Aman Ullah Chattha called upon the government to ensure construction of protective embankment on the left bank of River Chenab to save the villagers from the onslaught of likely flood in River Chenab.
HAFIZABAD -- Amanullah Chatha Divisional President Kisan Board has expressed his concern over the inordinate delay in the construction and extension of protective embankment near the Qadirabad Barrage.He said that during the flash flood in the river Chenab in 2014 huge loss of lives and properties was caused mainly due to lack of adequate protective embankment.He said that after the last year flood in the river Chenab the authorities have promised to construct and extend the exiting protective embankment but despite the lapse of seven months no effort has been made to fulfill the promise.
HYDERABAD -- Police arrested an injured outlaw after encounter here at protective embankment of Indus river in the jurisdiction of Latifabad B-Section Police Station on Tuesday.