protein synthesis

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pro′tein syn`thesis

the process by which amino acids are linearly arranged into proteins through the involvement of ribosomal RNA, transfer RNA, messenger RNA, and various enzymes.
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Muscle protein synthesis (building) is increased in the recovery period following resistance exercise.
Roche Applied Science released the ProteoMaster Rapid Translation System for cell-free protein synthesis ...
Proper dendritic translation of these transcripts are important for processes such as learning and memory, and a disturbed protein synthesis at postsynaptic sites can lead to neurodegenerative diseases or dementia.
An ORF is a DNA region that lies between signals that start and stop protein synthesis. The researcher looks for ORFs that are long enough to encode standard-sized proteins, suggestive of their potential to function as genes.
Furthermore, the regions of the protein that undergo the conformational change contain the binding site for RNA polymerase, which plays a crucial role in the early stages of protein synthesis. This structural change may be necessary in order for CRP to interact with RNA polymerase during this process.
To extend this observation, epidermal Langerhans' cells (LC) were treated with concentrations of BE from 10 4 to 10-12 in vitro followed by determination of major histocompatability complex class II expression and protein synthesis. BE did not significantly alter viability, MHC class II expression or protein synthesis in LC.
Effect of Dex on Galectin-1 and Overall Protein Synthesis: The effect of 0.1 [micro]M Dex on the incorporation of [H.sup.3]-phenylalanine into galectin-1 by confluent SMC and PEC seems to be part of a general effect on overall protein synthesis.
The findings, which show RNA not only transmits genetic data but also is capable of acting as enzymes to enable protein synthesis, raise the possibility that RNA played a greater and more crucial role in creation of life on Earth during its primeval stages.
M2 PHARMA-July 26, 2018-New Partnership Pairs Sutro Biopharma's Protein Synthesis Technology with Merck's Immunology and Cancer Expertise
The first is "Supplementing breakfast with a vitamin D and leucine-enriched whey protein medical nutrition drink enhances postprandial muscle protein synthesis and muscle mass in healthy older men" by Chanet et al (Chanet A et al.
In young calf, the rate and transfer efficiency of absorbed amino acids into calf body is very high, which in turn is largely due to high rate of protein synthesis after feeding, and this response is particularly profound in the skeletal muscles.