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Relating to, characterized by, or promoting proteolysis.

pro′te·o·lyt′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.proteolytic - of or relating to proteolysis
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MediWound is a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing novel therapeutics based on its patented proteolytic enzyme technology to address unmet needs in the fields of severe burns, chronic and other hard-to-heal wounds.
The company explained that Cleadew combines the disinfectant properties of povidone-iodine and the cleaning power of proteolytic enzymes.
Like green papaya, the seeds of papaya fruit contain high levels of the proteolytic enzyme papain, which can help rid your body of parasites such as intestinal worms.
It appears that reducing microfiltration pore size from 1.4 [micro]m to 1.2 [micro]m can extend the microbial and proteolytic shelf life of milk.
Being exogenously administered proteolytic enzyme, it augments the protein breakdown process during over processing and thus improves the efficacy of substrate (whey protein) in improving the absorption rate and prevents unnecessary wasting of protein due to deficient digestive process.
Determination of the proteolytic activity of the protein extract from pineapple peel and commercial bromelain
The proteolytic activity of strains was initially evaluated by the halo formation test in petri dishes containing 1% of skim milk, 18 of agar and 1 g [L.sup.-1] of yeast extract in 0.05 M citrate buffer.
Intact ProTriTAC proteins can block binding to T cells by more than 500-fold, but they can become fully active after a single proteolytic cleavage event, enabling T cell binding and activity in the tumor microenvironment.
The maturing process of processed meat is closely connected with the influence of proteolytic enzymes on the structural elements of tissues (Kudryashov, 2007).
For example, in some lobster species (Panulirus spp.), studies have focused on proteolytic digestive enzymes such as trypsin, chymotrypsin, carboxypeptidases, leucine aminopeptidases, elastases, and collagenases (Galgani & Nagayama, 1987; Glass & Stark, 1994, 1995).
Their discovery could be useful not only for developing new therapeutic methods to heal tumours but also for treating Lyme Borreliosis.The plasminogen system is essential for dissolution of fibrin clots, and in addition, it is involved in a wide variety of other physiological processes, including proteolytic activation of growth factors, cell migration, and removal of protein aggregates.