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Noun1.provincial capital - the capital city of a province
capital - a seat of government
city, metropolis, urban center - a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts; "Ancient Troy was a great city"
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According to a report quoting spokesman of provincial government, the MoU has been signed between provincial capital Peshawar and Xuzhou, the Capital city of Chinese Province Jiangsu.
LAHORE -- A wave of hot and humid weather is continuing in the central Punjab; however, light intermittent showers are expected in the provincial capital during these days.
PESHAWAR -- With the residents of the provincial capital waiting with bated breath for the mass transit project to commence working, the under-construction project meanwhile has proved to be a nightmare for motorists.
QUETTA -- Following the direction of Chief Minister Jam Kamal Provincial Minister PHE Noor Muhammad Dummar called an emergency call to review water scarcity in provincial capital vowed to take emergency measures in addressing water crisis.
LAHORE -- Dust-thunderstorm and rain are expected at isolated places in Punjab including provincial capital during the next 24 hours.
The police have decided to verify the particulars of the people, who have rented houses in the provincial capital.
During his stay in the provincial capital, President Alvi will attend the provincial cabinet session and address members of the House.
But the parliamentary committee's proposal to designate Godawari in Kailali as capital of Province sparked protests in the region, with local people of Dhangadhi, the temporary provincial capital, taking to the streets.
The provincial capital Wednesday witnessed higher voters turn out for 2018 general election in comparison with last elections in 2013.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Afghanistan police said on Thursday Heavy clashes are underway in provincial capital of Southern Uruzgan province of Afghanistan as the Taliban insurgents have launched a coordinated attack to take control of the key district.
Underground water in provincial capital, Maqur and Abkamari districts is unhygienic with a salty taste.

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