proxy war

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Noun1.proxy war - a war instigated by a major power that does not itself participate
state of war, war - a legal state created by a declaration of war and ended by official declaration during which the international rules of war apply; "war was declared in November but actual fighting did not begin until the following spring"
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Allawi said in a press statement issued today: The recognition of Netanyahu's violation of Iraqi sovereignty should face a firm position of the government and unified by the political blocs, stressing that Iraq strongly refuses to be a proxy war. Allawi stressed the need for the international community to stand firm against these attacks and provocations as a real threat to global peace and security, and a clear violation of all laws and international treaties./ End
and Iran become engaged in an open military conflict, Shamkhani told NBC News, Iran has "multiple instruments at hand, including the proxy war," but he did not specify who those proxies might be.
Islamabad [Pakistan], Aug 17 (ANI): A Pakistani diplomat has claimed that the Kashmir issue can be resolved through a "proxy war or a war" and not "diplomacy" even as Islamabad continues its rant over the matter ever since India recently removed the special status accorded to Jammu and Kashmir.
The proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabiais problem for Pakistan and Muslim world because both are supporting their allies and muscles.
Pakistani Army is fighting a proxy war with dozens of countries and internal elements who want to destroy Pakistan while only one of the country among enemies is spending seven trillion rupees on its military as compared to Pakistan's one trillion expenditure.
The foiled strike came at a time of heightened tensions between Tehran and Gulf Arab states and a roughly four-year conflict in Yemen largely seen as a proxy war between the two sides.
Donald Trump is exercising a proxy war in the Middle East with comrades-in-arms India and Israel.
The substantial concern is that the US might turn to other means to bring about regime change, including the instigation of a new proxy war. After all, the US has not ruled out direct military intervention, and based on its troubling history of ousting Latin American governments through coups, the US might follow the roadmaps of destruction it used to push for regime change in both Syria and Ukraine.
Dr Ibrahim Fraihat from Doha Institute of Graduate Studies, Doha, termed proxy war as an armed conflict between two parties, saying though one of them is not directly involved.
Chief Caoimhe de Barra said: "Innocent people are paying the price of what can only be deemed as a proxy war in Yemen, which has the backing of a number of western nations."
Karachi -- Growing terrorism in Pakistan is the bitter fruit of wrong policies adopted by the previous Pakistani rulers to fight a proxy war in Afghanistan, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor.
'This was seen in Vietnam when the US fought a proxy war against then-USSR.