pulmonary reserve

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Noun1.pulmonary reserve - the additional volume of air that the lungs can inhale and exhale when breathing to the limit of capacity in times of stress
reserve - (medicine) potential capacity to respond in order to maintain vital functions
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These subjective symptoms could be due to limited pulmonary reserve, limited cardiac reserve and increased muscle fatigue involving respiratory muscles.
Patients with acute or chronic bronchitis may develop mucus plugging or occlusion of bronchi due to infected secretions, which can cause dyspnea, particularly in patients with poor pulmonary reserve (Figure 2).
Surgical treatment, however, is associated with increased mortality and morbidity compared with endovascular treatment, especially because patients with mycotic PAPAs are acutely ill and often have poor pulmonary reserve [19,20].
Physically active elderly maintained their pulmonary function well above average elderly values and hence they are at an advantage of better pulmonary reserve when they are affected by disease or other debilitating conditions.
The connection between the existing lung disease and APT may be masked because of the earlier limited pulmonary reserve [5].
Invariably, owing to their limited pulmonary reserve, such patients are poor surgical candidates.
Postoperative residual curarisation in a patient with severely limited pulmonary reserve can precipitate a rapid respiratory decompensation with significant consequences, including the need for urgent re-intubation.
Hence, lung tissue resection may not result in as a dramatic reduction in pulmonary reserve as predicted from the above formula.