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intr.v. puss·y·foot·ed, puss·y·foot·ing, puss·y·foots
1. To move stealthily or cautiously.
2. Informal To act or proceed cautiously or timidly to avoid committing oneself.

puss′y·foot′er n.
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1. a person who behaves stealthily or evasively
2. US history a person who supports the prohibition of alcohol
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As straight a talker as McGraw, she is no pussyfooter when it comes to warning people that they're living way beyond their means.
I must say, Vincent is one of my few living heroes, because he is no pussyfooter. He speaks his mind and reminds you that ego is what keeps you breathing.
During the congressional races of 1970, Vice President Agnew employed alliteration in his speeches (pusillanimous pussyfooters, vicars of vacillation, etc.) to encourage reporters to take notice of them.