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opacity - the phenomenon of not permitting the passage of electromagnetic radiation
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The radiograph of the wrist revealed abnormal shape of lunate bone with decrease height, radio-opacity, and flattening (Figure 1).
The cardiac silhouette was invisible, but the radio-opacity of the left lung zone suspected to be the heart was increased.
Priority is given to eliminate the adverse effects such as migraine, growth disturbance, radio-opacity and more and provide a safe environment for the body.
Advantages of this treatment option involve excellent handling properties including reliable injectability, enhanced radio-opacity, and fast remodeling to bone, which might make it an attractive alternative to autologous bone or allografts [6].
Abnormal Large Radio-opacity of Breast in a Patient with Hard Lump of Right Breast Turned out to be Mammary Cell Carcinoma on Excisional Biopsy