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A biopsy tool can be inserted through the catheter to take tissue samples or the same catheter can be used to leave a radio-opaque fiducial marker for minimally invasive surgery.
The positive contrast cystogram uses a radio-opaque contrast material to show leakage from the bladder out through the urethra.
A radio-opaque dye is injected into the urethra through a catheter while a radiograph is taken.
According to COO Ted Wolkowski, a key advantage is that it's radio-opaque, which means it can be seen on an x-ray, without need for additives, unlike other products on the market.
Radiological investigation was done in which orthopantomograph revealed well-defined radio-opaque areas evident in relation to the periapical aspect of 36 regions measuring about 1 x 1 cm in dimension.
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) of the neck demonstrated a 3-cm linear, radio-opaque FB in the postcricoid region abutting the left cricothyroid joint (figure 1).
The radio-opaque wire tip is seen trapped behind a stent in the distal left circumflex artery (*).
Plain radiograph revealed no radio-opaque foreign body.
The advantages of plain radiography are that radio-opaque renal calculus or renal cystitis/ abscess can be ruled out.
Orthopantomogram showed a huge, irregular radio-opaque calculus over the right submandibular area.
In the study, we initially assessed all stones with USG, but sometimes we had to target radio-opaque stones with fluoroscopy.