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tr.v. ra·di·o·la·beled, ra·di·o·la·bel·ing, ra·di·o·la·bels or ra·di·o·la·belled or ra·di·o·la·bel·ling
To tag (a hormone, enzyme, or other substance) with a radioactive tracer.
A radioactive isotope used as a tracer; a radiotracer.
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(ˌraɪdɪəʊˈleɪbəl) chem
a radioactive marker, tracer, or label
vb (tr)
to add a radioactive marker, tracer, or label to
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(ˈleɪ bəl)

n., v. -beled, -bel•ing (esp. Brit.) -belled, -bel•ling. n.
1. an inscribed slip of paper, cloth, or other material, for attachment to something to indicate its manufacturer, nature, ownership, destination, etc.
2. a short word or phrase descriptive of a person, group, intellectual movement, etc.
3. a word or phrase indicating that what follows belongs in a particular category or classification, as the word Physics before a dictionary definition.
4. a brand or trademark, esp. of a manufacturer.
5. the manufacturer using such a label.
7. a molding or dripstone over a door or window.
8. a radioactive or heavy isotope incorporated into a molecule for use as a tracer.
9. a narrow horizontal heraldic band with downward extensions.
10. Obs. a strip or narrow piece of anything.
11. to affix a label to; mark with a label.
12. to designate or describe by or on a label.
13. to put in a certain class; classify.
14. to incorporate a radioactive or heavy isotope into (a molecule) in order to make traceable.
[1275–1325; Middle English < Middle French: ribbon, probably < Germanic]
la′bel•er, n.
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This meant the primer didn't require a radiolabel, since each chain terminator simultaneously labeled the product; it also meant four reactions and lanes were not needed, as all reactions could be done together and run in a single lane, with the order of colors seen running down the gel giving the sequence.
When antibodies to leptin became available, Madhur Sinha and scientists at Eli Lilly collaborated to radiolabel recombinant leptin and test antibody dilutions in their development of the RIA.
The fourth presentation reported the development of a rapid one-step, lyophilized kit to radiolabel peptides with 18F at high specific activity.
Similar to these conjugated radiolabeled doping of radiolabel into nanoparticles or the use of doped radiolabeled nanoparticles is seen as another way of optimizing lead molecules on to the target cells.
Digestion of [sup.32]P[O.sub.4]-labeled DAT with Pfu aminopeptidase I, an exo-type aminopeptidase that does not hydrolyze the peptide bond at the ?-amino residue side of proline, showed no removal of radiolabel from DAT which contains a proline at residue 10.
To quantify changes due to ant dispersal in numbers of seeds in aggregations and relatedness of seed and seedling aggregations, we used a radiolabel to track the natural pattern of seed movement after release from their parents (70 fruiting plants, 875 total seeds, over two field seasons).
Analysis of allocation of the radiolabel among stem-tissue metabolites can include sugar separations and determination of radioactivity in glucose, fructose, intact sucrose, and water.
Standardization of Radiolabel Data for Interspecific Comparison
Summary: The aim of the present study was to radiolabel and bioevaluate the dextran cysteamine mannose (MW=22 kDa) for sentinel lymph node detection.
ACDx utilizes new imaging agents to radiolabel albumin and when used in combination with state-of-the art imaging techniques, allows for detection of albumin uptake and distribution in the patient's tumor.
Introduction of carbon-14 into biomolecules may involve preparing products with the radiolabel in the linker and/or drug payload moieties.