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Noun1.radiologic technologist - a scientist trained in radiological technology
scientist - a person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences
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Leist worked first as an EMT then as a radiologic technologist in a cardiovascular laboratory.
The pay for Radiologic Technologist II will move to salary grade 15 from 13 at present; Radiologic Technologist III, to salary grade 18; Radiologic Technologist IV, to salary grade 20; and Radiologic Technologist V, to salary grade 22.
Keywords: radiation protection practices, biological effects, radiation exposure, radiologic technologist
As a parent, you should verify that the radiologic technologist imaging your child has the appropriate credentials including certification and a state license.
Lacasse was a life member and past president of the Vermont Society of Radiologic Technologists, as well as one of the first ARRT-registered technologists in Vermont--quite a feat since she studied for the exams independently and received all of her training on the job.
RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGISTS ARE SKILLED professionals who--at the request of physicians--perform radio-graphic examinations such as x-rays and diagnostic imaging procedures that may include computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
The ASRT considers contrast administration and venipuncture within the radiologic technologist's scope of practice "with appropriate clinical and didactic education where state statutes and/or institutional policy permit." (7)
Chances are, if you've had a chest x-ray, an annual mammogram or a CT scan, a radiologic technologist performed your examination.
Thanks to Minh Pham, R.T.(R), a radiologic technologist at Stamford Hospital, for this month's Technical Query radiograph.
Although it is well written, easy to read, durable in construction and deserving of a "thumbs up" for overall quality, I do not recommend this book for the general radiologic technologist population because of its specific focus on pediatric patients.

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