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Sensitive to the action of radiation. Used especially of living structures.

ra′di·o·sen′si·tiv′i·ty n.
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radiosensibility. — radiosensitive, adj.
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Noun1.radiosensitivity - sensitivity to the action of radiant energy
sensitivity, sensitiveness, sensibility - (physiology) responsiveness to external stimuli; the faculty of sensation; "sensitivity to pain"
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However, the effective dose, measured in miliSieverts (mSv), takes into account the radiosensitivity of each organ.
The aim of our work is to study in vitro seeds radiosensitivity from three Algerian datura species: Datura stramonium, Datura Datula, Datura inoxia.
Chapters discuss assessment of genetic damage associated with exposure to selenium; prediction of genotoxicities; research problems in the modification of chemical mutagenesis; air pollution, toxicity, and lung cancer; human radiosensitivity; the genotoxicity of herbicides to freshwater microalgae and dental compounds to humans; and other topics.
Washington, Mar 9 (ANI): Researchers at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, have suggested that during radiation therapy treatments prostate-specific dietary supplements should not be taken as they increase the radiosensitivity of normal prostate cell lines, leading to normal tissue complications.
Those free radicals can also initiate the apoptotic cascade and apoptotic death of cells which has been considered an indicator of radiosensitivity (11).
With this in mind, scientists at Texas A&M University attempted to quantify the effect of MAP on the radiosensitivity of Listeria when irradiating baby spinach.
Conversely, inhibiting P13K/AKT results in greater radiosensitivity. AKT is therefore a potential therapeutic target to increase radiosensitivity [14].
Evaluation of a tetrazolium-based semiautomated colorimetric assay: assessment of radiosensitivity. Cancer Res.
This radiosensitivity is determined by the function of a given organ in the body, the rate at which its cells mature and the inherent sensitivity of its cell type to radiation.
Moreover, lymphocytes infiltrating the retrobulbar tissues showed a high radiosensitivity. RT can also reduce glycosaminoglycan production by orbital fibroblasts.