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Noun1.railroad station - terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goodsrailroad station - terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goods
depot, terminal, terminus - station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods
flag stop, whistle stop, way station - a small railway station between the principal stations or a station where the train stops only on a signal
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At the railroad station, the crate was handled, not with deliberate roughness, but with such carelessness that it half- slipped out of a baggage-man's hands, capsized sidewise, and was caught when it was past the man's knees but before it struck the cement floor.
He slept in the office that was unspeakably dirty and dined at Biff Carter's lunch room in a small frame building opposite the railroad station. In the summer the lunch room was filled with flies and Biff Carter's white apron was more dirty than his floor.
The railroad station at Independence was blown up by the agents of the capitalists.
Much of what I have said has been written on board trains, or at hotels or railroad stations while I have been waiting for trains, or during the moments that I could spare from my work while at Tuskegee.
Mill Creek Residential, a multifamily investor and operator has begun leasing at Modera Metro Mineola, its new luxury apartment community located in Downtown Mineola, just a short walk from the Long Island Railroad station.
Sappers from the Ministry of Defense consisting of 408 people are carrying out clearing works on the territory of ammunition warehouses, railroad station and the military base.
The mishap closed three tracks at the railroad station, owned by Amtrak and delayed Metra BNSF and other commuters during the morning rush.
Thirteen samples of lime mortars were collected from different masonries during the emergency archaeological excavation of an area close to Sagunto's Railroad Station (RS named samples).
The property is located at the North White Plains railroad station and is convenient to the I-287 Cross Westchester Parkway as well as other highways.
30 ( ANI ): New wave of terrorism fears looms over Winter Olympics in Sochi after a suicide bombing at a railroad station in central Russia killed 15 people on Sunday.

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