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address, direct - put an address on (an envelope)
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A step back could help you align your ambitions with those of others who can help as well as re-address some financial matters that are more solvable than you think.
As the stock markets are currently so uncertain, this is a great opportunity to re-address how aggressive, or cautious, you would prefer your investments to be.
"Hopefully, next year we can re-address all the cuts we have made and re-establish our priorities."
"If the situation stays the same by the summer and hopefully we are in the Premier League, then we can re-address it - we can make him an offer he can't refuse.
"We have to make more tough decisions over the summer to re-address our wage bill."
One of the options open to Lee as he seeks to re-address the balance of his team is to recall Spaniard Zigor Aranalde to leftback and push Darren Wrack upfield into his customary midfield role.
It hopes the breaks will "re-address this imbalance", and Darren praised One North East for its "tremendous" work in creating sources of finance for the sector.
The findings highlight a need to re-address the current system, with a view to implementing a more child-friendly approach.
The message is clear, we need to re-address the imbalance in the supply chain, increase the milk price at farmgate and give producers increased confidence to invest in the future of their business.
The Premiership panel of officials are to re-address the policy as they aim to cut down on `simulation' ( instances of players faking fouls and making the most of slight contact.
My guess is that the Union will note the public dismay at their intended actions - which have yet to be made public - and re-address the situation at next week's crucial meeting.
After the Bears' floodlit visit to Leicestershire on Wednesday, they will then re-address the top priority - the championship.