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adj. read·i·er, read·i·est
1. Prepared or available for service, action, or progress: I am ready to work. The soup will be ready in a minute. The pupils are ready to learn to read.
2. Mentally disposed; willing: He was ready to believe her.
3. Likely or about to do something: She is ready to retire.
4. Prompt in apprehending or reacting: a ready intelligence; a ready response.
5. Available: ready money.
tr.v. read·ied, read·y·ing, read·ies
To cause to be ready.
at the ready
Available for immediate use: soldiers with machine guns at the ready; students with notebooks at the ready.
make ready
To make preparations.

[Middle English redy : Old English rǣde; see reidh- in Indo-European roots + Middle English -y, -y; see -y1.]

read′i·ness n.
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pl n
informal a variant of ready8
[from ready money]
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pl (Brit inf: = ready cash) → Bare(s) nt (inf); the readiesdas Bare (inf); that’ll cost you 100 in readiesdas kostet dich 100 bar auf die Hand (inf)or Kralle (sl); I don’t have the readiesich hab nicht die Kohle (inf)
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