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Noun1.reading assignment - the reading of a passage assigned by the teacher
lesson - a task assigned for individual study; "he did the lesson for today"
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Rudimentary but up-to-date information in each volume examines the conflicted issues at stake, provides readers with the most pertinent information, and delivers the satisfaction of successfully completing a reading assignment for some readers.
Whether it's new books for a reading assignment or planners to keep students organized, teachers go to great lengths to make sure we are able to provide students with the best educational experience.
Twelve-year-old Kulsum Bano had a reading assignment, which included the Harry Potter books.
 Though Charlie Brown always seemed to be of an indeterminate age, "War and Peace" being assigned as his Christmas break reading assignment seems heavy.
Like many Jewish day-school graduates, I first encountered the novel as a reading assignment in the eighth grade some 20 years ago.
Applying the observations of our collective teaching experiences, corroborated by the literature on the issues of college students' reading comprehension and compliance (Bean 1996; Hobson 2004; Hoeft 2012), a didactic mini-unit on active reading strategies was added to the beginning of the course and paired with weekly journal entries that asked students to (1) identify the specific active reading strategy(ies) they employed and the rationale for the selection relative to the particular reading assignment, (2) summarize the main ideas of the reading assignment, and (3) identify any questions or points about which the student sought clarification or greater elaboration.
One of the most useful aspects of the site is the ability to choose the Lexile level for a reading assignment. While each article contains a default Lexile such as 900L, the article may also be displayed as 680L, 1090, or 1310L.
The "muddiest point" requires students to post an item from the reading assignment that was challenging.
A traditional reading assignment that originated as a requirement in a nursing syllabus at any level of nursing education and training can be augmented by the use of material from free media sources.
Due to the fact that the difficulty of school reading material has increased faster than their ability to read, they find themselves frustrated, and in turn give up on the reading assignment and associate the activity with failure.
Indeed, one could envision assigning a section of essays (that on "Constantine and the Power of the Cross," for instance) as an effective reading assignment in a graduate seminar.

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