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Noun1.reading program - a program designed to teach literacy skills
course of study, curriculum, syllabus, programme, program - an integrated course of academic studies; "he was admitted to a new program at the university"
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Adults who met their weekly reading goals were eligible for a gift card through a drawing at the end of the Summer Reading Program. This year's winner is Judy Hubbard.
One such program is the Department of Defense-MWR Summer Reading Program.
A workshop was organized under the banner of the role of parents in the education of a child under the Pakistan Reading Program at the Government Girls' Primary School Chuhar Jamali on Friday.
Palmetto Health is a sponsor of the Reach Out and Read program, which incorporates books into pediatric care, and is the presenting sponsor for the Columbia Fireflies' reading program.
'The four newly painted classrooms, called Reading Havens, will be the venues for our reading program that will be launched this S.Y.
IBBY Canada is launching a therapeutic reading program for young refugee claimants from 6-12 years old living in shelters in Toronto, based on the model of IBBY Children in Crisis programs worldwide.
As a sixth-grade English teacher, I read Miller's The Book Whisperer (2010) and then approached my principal about starting an independent reading program where students would be able to choose books they wanted to read at levels that they could access.
This is not the first attempt to propose self-selected reading within a developmental reading program. Paulson (2006) previously posited that self-selected reading, which has been primarily used within the K-12 and second-language contexts, could be used within college-level, developmental reading courses.
McChesney, a childrenAEs librarian at Chicago Public Library, and Wunar, who works in science education at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, describe their efforts to improve the summer reading program at the Chicago Public Library to reach a wider group of children and mitigate the tendency for students to lose achievement gains made during the school year.
He recently said, "I realize that it takes dedication to devote time to reading, but it is fundamental to growth as a naval professional." He has directed his reading program planning team at the Naval War College to expand the Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program (CNO-PRP) to include a larger selection of titles, and to augment the books with other learning tools such as reading guides, videos, and related articles.
This edition of Defense Acquisition Research Journal (Defense ARJ) is dedicated to the official launch of the Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Professional Reading Program, located at:
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 18, 2016-Qatar Airways kicks off Atlanta summer reading program