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Noun1.reading teacher - someone who teaches students to readreading teacher - someone who teaches students to read
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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The activities are also coordinated with several chapters of the textbook Becoming a Professional Reading Teacher. This edition adds new activities on executive function, pre-kindergarten literacy, and math learning disabilities.
She is interested in becoming a reading teacher in the future.
She went on to become a classroom teacher, a reading teacher, and an author of educational materials.
She previously worked at Our Lady of the Angels School as a third-grade teacher and then as a part-time reading teacher.
The reading teacher then observes pupil attention to the task at hand and records observations made for the class as a whole as each learner pursues personalized reading.
This book would be a wonderful addition to any professional reading teacher's library.
Shiela Laramore, the 2012 Sherwood Forest reading teacher, was the perfect fit.
* The reading teacher helps kindergarten teachers develop a small-group reading lesson so that they can better prepare their at-risk readers for 1st grade.
She was a home economics teacher in Orange, Texas, for 10 years and a reading teacher in Austin.
After retirement, she taught classes in nutrition and dietary counseling to home health workers in Bergen County and volunteered as a reading teacher.
"Becoming a Professional Reading Teacher: What to Teach, How to Teach, Why it Matters" is a handbook for educators, giving tips and advice on how to improve their skill in teaching literacy.
But I'm Not a Reading Teacher: Strategies for Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas, written by Amy Benjamin for teachers in middle and high schools, demonstrates how to boost student achievement by including lessons and strategies that focus on students' reading comprehension without detracting from instruction in required content areas.