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tr.v. re·cal·cu·lat·ed, re·cal·cu·lat·ing, re·cal·cu·lates
To calculate again, especially in order to eliminate errors or to incorporate additional factors or data.

re′cal·cu·la′tion n.
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an act, process or result of recalculating
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Noun1.recalculation - the act of calculating again (usually to eliminate errors or to include additional data); "recalculation yielded a much larger value"
calculation, computation, computing - the procedure of calculating; determining something by mathematical or logical methods
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ISLAMABAD -- The apex court has declared that its earlier order for reduction of school fees by 20% has ceased to be effective, subject to recalculation of fee by using the fee prevailing in 2017 as the base fee.
- 77.6 million soms of shortfall in the budget because of the recalculation for heating hot water from January 27 to February 2, 2018.
The decree issued by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to approve the 'Rules for the recalculation of allowances with regards to the length of service for pensions, appointed before July 1, 2017' enabled to take another step to strengthen the social protection of pensioners.
The 42-year-old's chances of making Thomas Bjorn's team as a player looked slim when he appeared to have lost his PGA Tour card last year, but, after being handed a reprieve due to a points recalculation, he finished second in the Players Championship at Sawgrass.
The second is the recalculation of deferred tax assets, which was understated in the December sales release but is now updated due to further clarification.
While I love the single-formula approach, you can often achieve faster recalculation times by breaking a large formula into smaller pieces.
- Real-time full portfolio recalculation of prices and greeks across
Key features of the AT 10 tensile tester are said to include comprehensive computer-controlled testing with a fill I range of user features; basic license for tension, tear, compression, peel, adhesion and o-ring; data point selector and custom data point calculator; easy reanalysis and recalculation of results; and the ability to export to an Excel, Word or SQL database.
The proposal is to cover the difference arising in the result of banks' recalculation of payments on foreign currency loans in accordance with the new rate of Azerbaijani manat at the expense of funds of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Nuriyev said.
This row masks a far greats er concern - the relentless recalculation of local government finance that penalises the North and helps the South.
After state caps and recalculation of a lost-wages claim from the mother due to jury error, the net award was $1.7 million.