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Noun1.recco - reconnaissance (by shortening)
reconnaissance, reconnaissance mission - the act of reconnoitring (especially to gain information about an enemy or potential enemy); "an exchange of fire occurred on a reconnaissance mission"
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Southfield Capital portfolio company American Refrigeration Company (ARC), an industrial refrigeration service, has announced it has made an investment in Refrigeration Engineering and Contracting Company (RECCO), the company said.
Target: Refrigeration Engineering and Contracting Company (RECCO)
| Clockwise from left: Genoa's De Ferrari square, the waterfront at Recco and Albenga's historic towers
Feast on such superbly done classics as the pancotto, focaccina calda di recco al formaggio, pappardelle, mandilli di seta and cannoli; teamed with the restaurant's extensive and carefully selected wines.
[10] RECCORescue System, a system for locating avalanche victims, Recco AB, Liding, Sweden,, 2014.
Start dinner the right way with wine and focaccia di Recco, a delicious flat bread stuffed with soft cow cheese and side of honeycomb.
At least once per week, we located hatchlings to [less than or equal to]5 cm, using the RECCO R5-917 Portable Detector (RECCO AB, Lindingo, Sweden) harmonic radar emitter/receiver (Pellet et al., 2006).
(39.) Suegama, PH, De Melo, HG, Recco, A, Tschiptschin, AP, Aoki, IV, "Corrosion Behavior of Carbon Steel Protected with Single and Bi-Layer of Silane Films Filled with Silica Nanoparticles." Surf, Coat, Technol., 202 (13) 2850-2858 (2008)
I sincerely hope that the shape of Enzo Recco, "master ager of provolone cheeses from Fonnia," in crisp white apron and cap, is before me in my dying hour.
Detective thriller, starring Greg Evigan, Donnamarie Recco, Jennie Raymond, Jeff Geddis and James Thomas.