refrigerator car

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Noun1.Refrigerator car - a freight car that is equipped with refrigeration systemrefrigerator car - a freight car that is equipped with refrigeration system
freight car - a railway car that carries freight
refrigeration system - a cooling system for chilling or freezing (usually for preservative purposes)
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And then the visitors were taken to the other parts of the building, to see what became of each particle of the waste material that had vanished through the floor; and to the pickling rooms, and the salting rooms, the canning rooms, and the packing rooms, where choice meat was prepared for shipping in refrigerator cars, destined to be eaten in all the four corners of civilization.
"These cars join one of only two remaining Illinois Central Railroad (ICRR) mountain type steam locomotives, the only ICRR aluminum refrigerator car ever made (made in McComb), and an obsolete caboose," says Winnie Len Howell, volunteer director of the museum.
Al-Tanf, (Damascus Countryside), SANA-The authorities seized on Sunday a huge consignment of weapons in a refrigerator car driven by an Iraqi in a bid to smuggle it from Iraq to Syria via al-Tanf border crossing.
1547 - Ivan the Terrible was crowned the first Tsar of Russia 1868 - The refrigerator car was patented by William Davis, a fish dealer from Detroit 1981 - Studies reveal the phenomenon of passive smoking