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v. re·fu·eled, re·fu·el·ing, re·fu·els also re·fu·elled or re·fu·el·ling
To supply again with fuel.
To take on a fresh supply of fuel.
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Noun1.refueling - the activity of supplying or taking on fuelrefueling - the activity of supplying or taking on fuel
supplying, provision, supply - the activity of supplying or providing something
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Release date- 04092019 - FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Washington - A KC-135 Stratotanker and Airmen from the 384th Air Refueling Squadron at Fairchild Air Force Base, performed aerial refueling with two F/A-18C Hornets from the Marine Aircraft Group 31 while flying over Georgia, Aug.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 12, 2019-: Air-to-Air Refueling Market, 2025 by System (Probe & Drogue, Boom Refueling, Autonomous), Component (Pumps, Valves, Nozzles, Hoses, Boom, Probes, Fuel Tanks, Pods), Aircraft Type (Fixed & Rotary)
Crews of F-15E Strike Eagle and MC-130J II conducted an exercise in rapid refueling at the Amari Air Base in Estonia.
The KC-767A has been the first international tanker to be certified for aerial refueling of fifth generation aircraft.
But refueling at Enoc/Eppco stations is carried out by attendants free of cost.
[USPRwire, Thu May 09 2019] Looking at the current market trends as well as the promising demand status of the " Natural Gas Refueling Infrastructure Market ", it can be projected that the future years will bring out positive outcomes.
Summary: The high-level analysis in the report provides detailed insights into the natural gas refueling infrastructure business globally.
In order to attract more maritime traffic and trade to Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, the national Maritime and Port Bureau has decided to lift a 17 year old ban on ships refueling in nearby waters outside of the harbor.
He noted that the aircraft made a refueling stop similar to the plane that landed in Davao early this month.
The senator was responding to reports that the Chinese aircraft that landed at the Davao International Airport for refueling over the weekend had received clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).