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v. re·galed, re·gal·ing, re·gales
1. To provide with great enjoyment; entertain. See Synonyms at amuse.
2. To entertain sumptuously with food and drink; provide a feast for.
To feast.
1. A great feast.
2. A choice food; a delicacy.
3. Refreshment.

[French régaler, from Old French regal, feast, from gale (influenced by se rigoler, to amuse oneself), from galer, to make merry.]

re·gale′ment n.
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The prompt regalement is something that allures most of us as we keep pursuing happiness in temporary moments and sadly it's not enduring.
We can see a certain discrepancies between cities from the western part of Europe and those from the eastern part because of the lack of founding, the lack of bylaws that have to regalement all these new and complex concepts and because of the lack of sustainability.