renegade state

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Noun1.renegade state - a state that does not respect other states in its international actions
body politic, country, nation, res publica, commonwealth, state, land - a politically organized body of people under a single government; "the state has elected a new president"; "African nations"; "students who had come to the nation's capitol"; "the country's largest manufacturer"; "an industrialized land"
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Beijing continues to view the self-governing island as a renegade state that will one day return to China.
One such opportunity was the third corollary--the opportunity to bring Iran in from the cold, where it could be transformed from a radical, nuclear-proliferating, renegade state into a rule-abiding, status quo partner in the fight against the jihadists.
The European authorities cannot afford a renegade state determining its own policies, particular at other countries' expense, with huge collective costs already sunk, and banking and financial exposure accrued.
The threats came as Dennis Rodman, the former NBA star, controversially arrived in in North Korea on his third trip since he first visited the renegade state in February this year.
Taiwan's defence administration has said China's military power aimed at it could become formidable by 2020 and it is likely that China could launch an all-out attack to annex Taipei, which it sees as a renegade state.
Turkey, for its part says the EU should ease isolation of Turkish Cypriots, something Greek Cypriots reject as implicit recognition of a renegade state.
Turkey for its part says the EU should ease isolation of breakaway Turkish northern Cyprus, something Greek Cypriots reject as implicit recognition of a renegade state.
The US has finally bowed to the North Korean request to remove it from the US list of sponsors of terrorism - which will enable the renegade state to become eligible for international loans and sundry other economic benefits - in return for the North agreeing to reallow inspections to verify a North Korean promise to freeze its nuclear activities, as it undertook last year and then withdrew from.
[The agents] represented an evil outside force to a renegade state. Now Nevada is one of 30 states where gambling takes place," he said.
Iran is emerging as an increasingly dangerous renegade state and it is time for the rest of the world to consider its relationship with Tehran, too.