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 (rĭ-no͞o′, -nyo͞o′)
v. re·newed, re·new·ing, re·news
1. To make new or as if new again; restore: renewed the antique chair.
2. To take up again; resume: renew an old friendship; renewed the argument.
3. To repeat so as to reaffirm: renew a promise.
4. To regain or restore the physical or mental vigor of; revive: I renewed my spirits in the country air.
a. To arrange for the extension of: renew a contract; renew a magazine subscription.
b. To arrange to extend the loan of: renewed the library books before they were overdue.
6. To replenish: renewed the water in the humidifier.
7. To bring into being again; reestablish.
1. To become new again.
2. To start over.

[Middle English renewen : re-, re- + newen, to renew (from new, new; see new).]

re·new′er n.
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Adj.1.renewing - tending to impart new life and vigor to; "the renewing warmth of the sunshine"
invigorating - imparting strength and vitality; "the invigorating mountain air"
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Shimerda: he was unable to meet a note which fell due on the first of November; had to pay an exorbitant bonus on renewing it, and to give a mortgage on his pigs and horses and even his milk cow.
Whatever objection you may personally feel to renewing the efforts for the rescue of this miserable girl which failed so lamentably at York, I entreat you, for Norah's sake, to take the same steps now which we took then.
Angela MacDonald, HMRC's director general of customer services, said: "The July 31 deadline is fast approaching and renewing your tax credits is something too important to forget.
Radio personality Erwin Tulfo has started renewing his license to own and possess firearms (LTOPF), Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen.
"There is no fee for renewing a licence from age 70."
RAWALPINDI -- City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi was renewing driving licenses of other districts of Punjab.
EVERTON Season Ticket Members have until tomorrow (Thursday, January 31) to take advantage of the club's 12-month Direct Debit payment plan when renewing their Season Tickets for the 2019-20 campaign.
He said: "We're making great progress renewing the accounts of eligible residents, but we want to make one last push to ensure everyone who is entitled to the discount renews their account.
Also, facilities should be aware that renewing a registration is distinct from updating a registration.
Online help and information on renewing tax credits is available GOV.
Wainaina said it was ill-advised to decline renewing the firm's lease without providing an alternative for the locals whose jobs are at stake.