revenue sharing

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rev′enue shar`ing

the system of disbursing part of federal tax revenues to state and local governments for their use.
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Noun1.revenue sharing - distribution of part of the federal tax income to states and municipalities
distribution - the act of distributing or spreading or apportioning
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Recent lawsuits have challenged the fairness of long-standing norms such as the use of revenue sharing. "Fees matter--they matter a lot," Lander says.
The House of Representatives on Tuesday accused the management of Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) of breaching the provisions of 1999 constitution (as amended) on the five year review of the revenue sharing formula in the country.
Niagara Falls borrowed slightly more than $12 million from the state to balance the 2019 budget in anticipation of receiving the revenue sharing payments, but as of this writing, the Senecas are silent on their plans and when, or even if, they will resume payments remains questionable.
The data further revealed that the port concession agreements all around the world determine revenue sharing between port authorities and port operations and same principle applies in Gwadar Port Concession Agreement.
Busia county is losing revenue from state projects due to lack of spelled-out terms for revenue sharing, Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has said.
Upon that the court had ordered the two companies to sit together and reach a revenue-sharing formula, and appointed an outside party to help determine a fair revenue sharing formula.
The announcement of the Epic Games Store comes hot on the heels of Valve's revenue sharing policy change on Steam.
“Amid a persisting trend toward lower cost and more transparent share classes, as well as the recent DOL conflict of interest rule, the R6 share, which typically has no revenue sharing, has witnessed significant asset growth,” Cerulli said.
The contentious issue of reviewing current Revenue Sharing Formula (RSF) among member states is once again on the agenda of the sixth Southern African Customs Union (SACU) institution meetings that started on June 25.
Resource revenue sharing was on the minds of Ontario's three provincial leadership hopefuls as they rolled through Northern Ontario on the eve of the election in early May.
"We acknowledge that because there was a change directed by the client in 2017, we made an error in setting up the revenue sharing associated with that change appropriately and the revenue sharing rebates did not occur as intended.