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v. re·ver·ber·at·ed, re·ver·ber·at·ing, re·ver·ber·ates
1. To resound in a succession of echoes; reecho: Thunder reverberated in the mountains. See Synonyms at echo.
2. To be filled with loud or echoing sound: The theater reverberated with the speaker's voice.
3. To have a prolonged or continuing effect: Those talks with his teacher reverberated throughout his life.
4. To be repeatedly reflected, as sound waves, heat, or light.
1. To reecho (a sound).
2. To reflect (heat or light) repeatedly.
3. To subject (a metal, for example) to treatment in a reverberatory furnace.

[Latin reverberāre, reverberāt-, to repel : re-, re- + verberāre, to beat (from verber, whip; see wer- in Indo-European roots).]

re·ver′ber·a·tive (-bə-rā′tĭv, -bər-ə-) adj.
re·ver′ber·a·tive·ly adv.
re·ver′ber·a·tor n.
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1. anything that produces or undergoes reverberation
2. (Metallurgy) another name for reverberatory furnace
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[rɪˈvɜːbəreɪtəʳ] Nreverberador m
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James's choice of names is indicative in this respect: consider the difference between, on the one hand, Isabel Archer's Roman Palazzo Roccanera, Black Rock, or the rejected castle of Lord Warburton, Lockleigh, and, on the other, the Hotel de 1'Univers in Paris, the setting of The Reverberator. The grim and restricting materiality of black rocks and locks contrasts with the openness and abstraction of an expanding, universal vision.
We chose a widely used model of the Schroeder's reverberator [28] to generate a realistic late reverberation sound.
The company's environmentally sound induction, rotary, crucible and reverberator furnaces produce high-quality alloys in ingots, cubes and sows.