reverse Polish notation

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Noun1.reverse Polish notation - a parenthesis-free notation for forming mathematical expressions in which each operator follows its operands
parenthesis-free notation - a notation for forming mathematical expressions that does not use parentheses to delimit components
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Beyond that, it adds tons of functionality beyond simple arithmetic: a scientific calculator, unit conversions, constants, Reverse Polish notation, multiple undo and redo, and themes.
HP's use of Reverse Polish Notation, a calculation method deemed more accurate and faster than algebraic notation, was at first controversial.
Feature highlights include: Two-line display allowing users to view up to 12 digits and scroll through variables, real-text labels, menus and prompts; High-speed, low-power CPU delivering fastresults with up to 15-digit internal precision while extending battery life; Choice of time-saving Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), hierarchical or traditional chain algebraic data entry.