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1. Capable of being reversed, as:
a. Finished so that either side can be used: a reversible fabric.
b. Wearable with either side turned outward: a reversible skirt; a reversible vest.
2. Chemistry & Physics
a. Capable of assuming or producing either of two states: a reversible cell.
b. Of or relating to a process, such as a chemical reaction or a phase change, in which the system undergoing the process can be returned to its original state.
A reversible fabric or item of clothing.

re·vers′i·bil′i·ty, re·vers′i·ble·ness n.
re·vers′i·bly adv.
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Noun1.reversibility - the quality of being reversible in either direction
changeability, changeableness - the quality of being changeable; having a marked tendency to change; "the changeableness of the weather"
irreversibility - the quality of being irreversible (once done it cannot be changed)
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n (of decision)Rückgängigmachung f; (of process, Phys, Chem) → Umkehrbarkeit f; (of operation etc)Reversibilität f
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In line with Lee (2012), we proposed that reversibility of decision would be a moderating factor whereby consumers would interpret, and respond to, scarcity claims in different ways.
Hence she devotes chapters three through five to defending Merleau-Ponty's reversibility thesis, which in her words claims that "[t]he Other ...
The reversibility magnitude in PFT as an indicator for the airway reactivity: Is not studied well as most practice try to avoid any BB in airway disease with positive reversibility test.
Bronchodilator reversibility using MicroPlus spirometer was done to all those who claimed to have asthma symptoms.
Bronchodilator reversibility test performed: Yes or No.
The process works by optimizing "thermal reversibility," meaning that materials will keep the properties they had when they were initially produced, even considering variations in temperature.
COPD results from the exposure of the lungs and the air passages to harmful stimuli, most notably smoking, resulting in damage that may have limited reversibility. The airways passages narrow and the lungs remain inflated, resulting in difficulties in exhaling the air from inside the lungs.
Gates is concerned about the constant fluctuations of Bitcoin's value in the last few months, as well as the lack of transaction reversibility.
The reversibility of time and of the causal order is fundamental in religion, for otherwise the principle of conversion would be sheer nonsense.
The text ends by asking the reader to consider the concepts of stability, elasticity, and reversibility when it comes to the habitable environment.
It aims to remove the constraints of deployment, portability and reversibility for end users of Cloud services.