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v. re·vert·ed, re·vert·ing, re·verts
a. To go back to a former condition, practice, subject, or belief: a meadow reverting to forest; a reformed shoplifter reverting to old habits; a speaker reverting to her opening remarks.
b. To resume using something that has been disused: had to revert to the typewriter when the computer failed.
2. Law To be returned to the former owner or to the former owner's heirs. Used of money or property.
3. Genetics To undergo reversion.
4. Chiefly South Asian To reply.
1. To cause to go back to a former condition, practice, subject, or belief: "The doctor was reverted to the rank of Assistant Surgeon" (George Orwell).
2. Law To return (an estate, for example) to the grantor or the grantor's heirs or successor.

[Middle English reverten, from Old French revertir, from Vulgar Latin *revertīre, variant of Latin revertere : re-, re- + vertere, to turn; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

re·vert′er n.
re·vert′i·ble adj.
re·ver′tive adj.
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Noun1.reverting - a failure to maintain a higher statereverting - a failure to maintain a higher state
failure - an act that fails; "his failure to pass the test"
recidivism - habitual relapse into crime
Adj.1.reverting - tending to return to an earlier state
regressive - opposing progress; returning to a former less advanced state
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References in classic literature ?
is it possible?" replied Tom Hunter, his thoughts reverting involuntarily to a former invention of the Hon.
Reverting to our ordinary topics of conversation, we touched on the subject (always interesting to my mother) of my visit to Shetland.
When I look at my ain celeebrity I joost ask, as the Psawmist asked before me, 'Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?' It seems ye've something to say to me," he added, suddenly reverting to the object of Anne's visit.
" he wondered, reverting to the question which Anne had put to him at parting.
So simply reverting the PCOO) to the Office of the Press Secretary hindi pa (is not) a priority as of now," he continued.
Some have also complained that reverting to English can prove difficult, as the navigation menu is also entirely in Welsh.
She needed every yard of the 2m4f to win at Kilbeggan, but the stiff uphill finish should play to her strengths reverting to the 2m3f at Downpatrick.
Also reverting to Islam this May were two Sri Lankans, two South African and eight other nationals.
UNITED Broiler Raisers Association (Ubra) President Elias Jose Inciong said reverting the concessionary rates is the 'right thing to do,' amid deliberations on maintaining the 5-percent tariff on imported MDM.
When contacted, MS BBH Dr Mehmood Khan Niazi confirmed that he was phoned by the minister and threatened him for sacking from his office for not reverting orders of MO Dr Areeba Abbasi.
'So we're thinking that perhaps this the best time to study, while studying your budget, to review and study of the possibility of reverting back into the Office of the Press Secretary,' he said.
In short, the oil-gold price ratio would start reverting to its mean, with most of the work being done by price increases in oil.