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With the instinct of the true cavalryman and a particular indisposition to the discharge of firearms, he drew his saber. The man on foot made no movement in answer to the challenge.
Right patiently they waited, sabers drawn, but Dunning did not come.
"Tell these devils, these fiends, to let me pass!" shouted Denisov evidently in a fit of rage, his coal-black eyes with their bloodshot whites glittering and rolling as he waved his sheathed saber in a small bare hand as red as his face.
I'll hack you with my saber!" he shouted, actually drawing his saber from its scabbard and flourishing it
Catlike in his movements, the ape-man had no sooner touched the roof than he was upon his feet again, facing his adversary, a man almost as large as himself and armed with a saber which he now whipped from its scabbard.
Around his waist he buckled the saber belt but beneath the tunic he retained the hunting knife of his dead father.
The Tunisian men's saber team defeated its Egyptian counterpart (45-43) while the women's foil team snatched the bronze medal after conceding defeat to Egypt (44-45).
Cadet First Class Philip Viscaya, ranked second, will receive the vice presidential saber from Vice President Leni Robredo.
However -- wait for it -- March is even more super duper special, because Ikhlas and Saber will be welcoming their first child together into the world then.
Photo: Mohamed Saber Minister of Culture (Photo -- Public Domain)