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Marcelin, Brie); England (Cheddar, Sage Derby); Italy (Gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano); Switzerland (Emmental); and Holland (Prima Donna Maturo).
Farmers across the land would hand produce their own cheeses loosely based on britain's territorial varieties: Cheddar, Stilton, Cheshire, Wensleydale, Double Gloucester, red Leicester, Lancashire, Sage Derby and Caerphilly.
Speciality awardwinning cheese include Little Derby, Sage Derby, Warwickshire Truckle and Forest Blue, Oak Smoked.
Speciality awardwinning Little Derby, Sage Derby, Warwickshire Truckle, Warwickshire with either garlic, parsley, cracked pepper, chilli, onion, chives, and Forest Blue, Oak Smoked.
What are Sage Derby, Cornish Yarg and Caerphilly types of?
English Sage Derby is pale yellow with a greenish vein.
The restaurant fills the greater part of the brand new wedge end of the green granite buildings (not unlike a giant slice of Sage Derby cheese) now attached to the Mount Pleasant frontage of the much loved wigwam.
The cheese board (pounds 5.95) included sage Derby, brie, Stilton, Tickler mature cheddar, oak-smoked cheddar, and Cornish yarg.
EMAIL: This dairy, run by Pat and David Fowler, makes traditional farmhouse cheeses including the award-winning mature Little Derby, Sage Derby and Warwickshire Truckle.