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(skŏl′əp, skăl′-) also scol·lop (skŏl′-)
a. Any of various marine bivalve mollusks of the family Pectinidae, having fan-shaped shells with a radiating fluted pattern.
b. The edible adductor muscle of a scallop.
c. A shell of a scallop, or a dish in a similar shape, used for baking and serving seafood.
2. One of a series of curved projections forming an ornamental border.
3. See escalope.
v. scal·loped, scal·lop·ing, scal·lops also scol·loped or scol·lop·ing or scol·lops
1. To edge (cloth, for example) with a series of curved projections.
2. To bake in a casserole with milk or a sauce and often with bread crumbs: scalloped potatoes.
3. To cut (meat) into thin boneless slices.
To gather scallops for eating or sale.

[Middle English scalop, from Old French escalope, shell, perhaps of Germanic origin (akin to Dutch schelp, seashell), or from Old French escale, scale; see scale1 + Old French (envel)ope, enveloping cover (from enveloper, to envelop; see envelop).]

scal′lop·er n.
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Despite any confusion regarding dates of the 2017 recreational harvest, bay scalloping is just about as much fun as you can have with your bathing suit still on.
The regulations are designed to ''rebuild the scallop resource'' while giving scalloping fishermen a chance to fish, said Trisha DeGraaf, a coordinator with the marine resources department.
The resulting periodic variations of output signal intensity as function of azimuth time is called scalloping.
"We have never opposed scalloping of our shores, but due to the reckless behaviour of these people we can no longer support them."
The sizes and shapes of inlets and sand bars in bay scalloping bays have played a huge role in the sizes of scallop crops that the bays can support.
Hand scalloping involved a single fisherman collecting scallops from the bottom by hand, also during 10-minute periods.
First, our major scalloping areas are in Hernando County (Aripeka to Bayport), Citrus County (Homosassa to Crystal River), Dixie County (Pepperfish Keys to Rocky Creek), and Taylor County (Big Grass Island to Spring Warrior).
"Officers do have delegated powers to take emergency action, but they are not terrifically explicit, and I would rather have committee support first." Some parts of Cardigan Bay's northern and southern Special Areas of Conservation have already been closed to scalloping.
concentricus, a description of scalloping gear and uses, the characteristics of the fishery including marketing, a history of each state's fishery and landings, the environmental changes in the habitats during and since the 1980's, and attempts made to restore the fisheries and landings.
Of course, depending on the range of your boat, you can always launch from or leave any of our ports and run to one of the "scalloping grounds." But for the most part, Bayport, Homosassa, Crystal River, Horseshoe Beach, Steinhatchee, Keaton Beach and St.
Guides can be found on the websites of local marinas, and using guides' services allows you the advantage of scalloping with someone who likely has been on the water many times before you arrive.