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1. The skin covering the top of the human head.
2. A portion of this skin with its attached hair, cut from a body especially as a battle trophy or as proof in claiming a bounty.
3. A piece of hide from the skull of certain animals, such as the fox, shown as proof of killing in order to collect a bounty.
v. scalped, scalp·ing, scalps
1. To cut or tear the scalp from.
2. To deprive of top growth or a top layer: land scalped by strip miners.
3. To resell at a price higher than the established value: scalping tickets to the baseball game.
4. To buy and sell (securities or commodities) in order to make small quick profits.
1. To engage in the reselling of something, such as tickets, at a price higher than the established value.
2. To buy and sell securities or commodities for small quick profits.

[Middle English, top of the head, of Scandinavian origin; see skel- in Indo-European roots.]

scalp′er n.
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(Metallurgy) a process in which the top portion of a metal ingot is machined away before use, thus removing the layer containing defects and impurities
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[ˈskælpɪŋ] N (US) → reventa f
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His closely-shaved head, on which no other hair than the well-known and chivalrous scalping tuft* was preserved, was without ornament of any kind, with the exception of a solitary eagle's plume, that crossed his crown, and depended over the left shoulder.
In a furious scuffle of the kind, one of the sons got the old man upon the ground, and was upon the point of scalping him.
Summary: Abu Dhabi [UAE], Dec 6 (ANI): Breaking an 82-year-old record, Pakistan leg-spinner Yasir Shah on Thursday became the fastest bowler in the world to reach the milestone of scalping 200 Test wickets.
There are calls to curb scalpers who use 'macro' programs to sweep tickets for K-pop singers' concerts and then sell them at a huge premium According to reports, scalping has caused the price of concert tickets to skyrocket up to 10 times the original price of 110,000 won ($99).
The two main categories are 'scalping' and 'swing trading'.