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1. Of or relating to schools; academic: scholastic accomplishment.
2. often Scholastic Of, relating to, or characteristic of Scholasticism.
3. Overly subtle or pedantic: "The debates ... between communist and socialist formations [of the unions] on an industrial and labor strategy were often scholastic and tortuous" (Norman Birnbaum).
1. often Scholastic A Scholastic philosopher or theologian.
2. A dogmatist or pedant.

[Latin scholasticus, from Greek skholastikos, learned, studious, from skholazein, to study, from skholē, school; see segh- in Indo-European roots.]

scho·las′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.scholastically - with respect to scholastic activities; "scholastically apt"
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By three, the child is scholastically ready to be instructed.
Primarily based on the life and works of a renowned literary figure Naseem e Sehar, the book critically and scholastically analyzes each and every aspect in detail and deeply penetrates into his struggles which remained unknown to many, said a press release.
Students can learn from their pen pal, but there are also many things they can teach their pen pal." Scholastically, said Doyle, the program helps students grow their social skills by interacting and communicating with people different from them.
According to the same SCH research, signs to be taken seriously including perceptible changes in eating, sleep, unusually violent, or rebellious behaviour, withdrawal from family or friends, underperforming scholastically, and of course, speaking or writing notes about suicide.
In the latter half of the decade, Jack Dillard highlighted the agenda of the Ex-Students Association by declaring the group's focus on "advancing Baylor 'spiritually, scholastically and athletically'" (Marsh 1949, 1).
Mason Wade characterized the parish as "the basic social unit of French Canada, religiously, scholastically, and municipally," but even this characterization fails to convey its broader significance.
Omission of such references is scholastically disingenuous, and borders on unchristian behavior.
That means that the exam scores of students who go to the best schools should be discounted to whatever extent will achieve the most scholastically able intake.
Critics argue that the new regulations would change how test-participation rates are factored into overall school academic ratings, increasing the likelihood that schools would be classified as scholastically deficient, a classification that could pressure reluctant parents into allowing their children to be tested.
Having artistically and scholastically prepared himself to do well in his evolving fields of endeavor for the long term, Luis should also host a talk show like his father had-or, he could go into politics and public service, like his effervescent and dedicated mom.
A letter of commendation from the school and National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which conducts the program, was presented by the Marist principal to the scholastically talented seniors.
The scholastically trained Kievan monks whom Peter the Great put at the head of the Russian church definitely became dissatisfied with Kormchaia and other more or less ancient sources of Russian canon law.