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A two-dimensional record of the distribution of a radioactive tracer in a tissue or organ, obtained by means of a scanning scintillation counter. Also called scintigraph, scintiscan.

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RBD may also be related to more severe autonomic dysfunction as evidenced from the study uptake of [sup.123]I-labeled meta-iodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) in myocardial scintigrams, showing that RBD is an independent factor associated with low uptake indicating reduced cardiac sympathetic ganglia function [18].
Scintigrams on the right: top, image of the urinary system in the front projection; bottom, in the back projection.
Scintigrams of radiolabeled Alg-PB beads in test subject showed the movement of beads in intestine after 20 min (Figure 6).
Early and delayed scintigrams reveal focal accumulation of increased radiotracer uptake in the left lobe of the thyroid.
The Tc extracted from Mo was successfully used for taking bone scintigrams. (10,11)
Sequential-conjugated anterior-posterior view scintigrams of the epigastric area were acquired in a sitting position on a dual head gamma camera (Milennium VG and Infinia, GE, Buckinghamshire, UK, and, Siemens, Buckinghamshire, UK) at 30, 60, and 120 minutes following ingestion of the standardized test meal.
[4, 31], gamma-camera images (whole-body scintigrams and SPECT) of radiopharmaceutical distribution, in patients injected with Re-188HEDP, were analyzed to measure activity in specifically selected normal and metastatic regions of interest.
During the visual evaluation of the scintigrams the areas of the disorders of the capillary blood circulation of the lungs was presented by the different significance degrees of the defects.
In another diagnostic problem, based on the whole-body bone scintigrams, the picture is not so clear, still however, the Extended Artex achieves significantly better results than any other approach to feature extraction.
Normal myocardial scintigrams suggest noncardiac source.