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1. A machine or an implement used for planting seeds.
2. A machine or implement used to remove the seeds from fruit.
3. One that seeds clouds.
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1. (Agriculture) a person or thing that seeds
2. a device used to remove seeds, as from fruit, etc
3. (Agriculture) any of various devices for sowing grass seed or grain on the surface of the ground
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(ˈsi dər)

1. one that seeds.
2. any of various apparatuses for sowing seeds.
3. a device for removing seeds.
[before 950]
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A farm implement designed to plant crop seed. There are several distinctly different avenues available for planting the many different sizes and shapes of seeds, but each of them consists of the same two basic operations. The first places the seeds in the desired location. The second properly covers them so that they are both protected from birds and kept moist enough to germinate. For the latter, there is a minimum depth of covering necessary. Depending on the crop and soil, this minimum depth varies but is on the order of an inch. There is also some maximum depth that can be used; otherwise, the fledgling plant will never be able to get to the surface.
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Noun1.seeder - a person who seeds clouds
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
2.seeder - a mechanical device that sows grass seed or grain evenly over the ground
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
3.seeder - a kitchen utensil that removes seeds from fruit
kitchen utensil - a utensil used in preparing food
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Among the customers at Bogle's was a young man named Seeders, who worked in a laundry office.
Seeders came in to dinner he had been drinking beer.
The sudden and amatory Seeders had, as it were, performed for her a miraculous piece of one-day laundry work.
Seeders backed away, and departed, feeling that reparation had been made.
Seeders she despised utterly; she had but taken his kiss as that of a pioneer and prophetic prince who might have set the clocks going and the pages to running in fairyland.
"That turnip-faced little clothespin of a Seeders ain't worth it.
His Welsh ponies and Swiss cattle were grazing on the May grass, and the men were busy with the ploughs and harrows and seeders. It was almost thirty years since he had been called in to create the business structure of telephony, and to shape the general plan of its development.
'We have found the optimistic result in demonstration plots of some grain crops including Aush paddy in the area,' said Dr Arshadul Haque, Senior Scientific Officer (SSO) of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), adding that DSR rice cultivation by BARI seeder requires Taka 4,500 per bigha against the conventional method's Taka 8,000.
Horsch is expanding its Avatar SD drill range at the event with 3m and 4m versions of the single-disc seeder joining the existing 6m, 8m and 12m sizes to cater for smaller growers.
(2005), for instance, the draft force required to pull a drawn seeder with 14 rows in clay soil was 3.56 kN and 5.61 kN, at the speed of de 5.24 km.[h.sup.-1] e 7.09 km.[h.sup.-1] respectively.
In this regard, an experimental model of the seeding opener of the grain-fertilizer seeder with the scatterer for subsoil scattered sowing of seeds was developed [5].