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Advanced/Industrial serial device servers are available in 1, 4 or 8/16 serial ports versions to provide the ultimate solution for the Ethernet to Serial conversion.
* The Ethernet port supports the Modbus TCP protocol, and the serial port supports the Modbus RTU protocol.
Click Tools -> Serial Port -> /dev/cu.usbmodemXXXX.
RS-232 serial interface: 1x full serial port (9 pins: RxD, TxD, GND, CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, RI, CD)
The petrol station fuel pumps and peripheral devices, such as credit card readers, receipt printers, and cash registers, are each connected to a separate serial port. POS terminals often integrate a PC with multiport serial boards to control multiple peripheral devices.
Advantages for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to migrate from an existing LPDDR2 to an SPMT-based design, and Serial Port Memory Technology claims to offer a low risk solution that provides a smooth migration path.
Back in the good old days, all PCs came with two serial ports, one parallel port and the GWBASIC programming language.
The Driver allows the use of any serial port, with the possibility to customize the communication parameters as needed.
Calculated results and XY data can be downloaded to a computer via an RS232 serial port for further review and reporting.
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., has introduced a RS232 serial port CDMA modem with a built-in IP stack.
Features include 2 CANopen (DS-301/DS402 protocol) ports and RS-232 serial port.
It supports remote control of most pan-tilt-zoom cameras through an RS232/485 serial port. A compact Flash card slot provides an interface for local storage or for a wireless LAN card.

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